June 30, 2022

Waves of Change

Waves of Change

It is time to make choices to create a change.
It is time you create a change of love and vibrate positively to manifest the reality you want and deserve.
Planet earth is our home, is our only home; we must do what is necessary to make it a wonderful loving place for all of us.


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Sonia 0.00
My dear Friends, Family of Light Welcome. Welcome to Innergy Healing podcast. This is Sonia

Sonia 0.04
we are going through very powerful times of change, I imagine many of you are feeling, the powerful waves of change, you're feeling maybe some kind of uneasiness, or maybe your body feels different, but it is what all of us are feeling at this moment. Due to the powerful change in energies, we are receiving waves of energies that are trying to change and correct what we are going through on earth there is so much pain so much sorrow so much discomfort so many incredible changes incredible.

Sonia 2.19
Situations everywhere your body may be feeling uneasy in an uneasy way it's feeling like something is changing within and you do not know maybe why you do not understand why your body is reacting in that way. Many of us maybe have difficulty sleeping or a lot of difficulties, to accept certain things there's a select certain behavior from others. We need to go deeper into ourselves and accept that we are all different and that we all are going through different situations and different events in our life. We do not know what the person in front of us is going through at the moment that may be he or she is saying something or reacting in a certain way. So we really need to go within and ask ourselves, to be patient to be understanding to be in a loving way more understanding of whatever is going on. And you see all around you. And we, you, I, we're all going through situations that we did not expect. Really I don't think anybody expected to have to go through the virus and now to this war. There are things that are coming to us, in my opinion, to awaken our consciousness to awaken us and to let us realize that it is time for a drastic change. It is time for a drastic change. It is a time to understand that is only through love and compassion that we can manage to go through these energetic changes. Things are going to get probably even more difficult if we do not let go of our arbit our old customs our old core believes it is time to embrace a new way in your life and your path. It is time to understand that we came here we were born on this planet, this magnificent planet to make a wonderful life for ourselves. And we have not done that to achieve what we were supposed to achieve due to many other things. But it is time that we understand that it is only through love and compassion that we can do it. It is time to nurture our earth. It is time to understand that if we are poisoning ourselves we're poisoning our planet we're not going anywhere else. Where are you going to go when the water cannot be drunk anymore when there are no going to be insects to pollinate when there is not going to be food anymore because we are destroying it with whatever means and tools and strange things that they were doing to the earth. We are doing it ourselves. Every time you say nevermind I can just throw I don't know the cigarette on the ground. It's okay. It doesn't matter. Yes, it matters. You're poisoning the place where you leave. You are poisoning yourself. It is time to understand that we are all of us in this together.

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There is no way to just go to another place. We have only this planet and we have only each other we have each other to make it better. We have each other to make it work. It is time that we embrace the wave of change. It is time you embrace your neighbor your friends. To know that each one of us has the power to make a change in our world. We are on this together. It is our beloved planet is our it is our beloved earth. This beautiful planet has taken care of us for so long. And now it is time to give back it is time to share wellbeing. It is time to give, the planet a little bit back. A little bit of love. So every time you do something nice for your planet, for another person, for another human being. You're doing it for yourself. Every time you do something negative every time you do something hurtful. You're hurting yourself. If you think that every time you do something negative or something that is not correct, or you are destroying in some way the environment you are doing this to yourself. You're poisoning yourself. You're hurting yourself. Consequently, we are hurting each other. So, my dear friend, it is time to understand that we are on this planet together. And only if we work together with love with joy, with understanding, only then we're going to be able and capable of making our lives a joy. We are going to be able to make this planet heaven on earth. It is your right it is your duty. It is our planet. We are here together to make it work. So embrace these waves of change. embrace this new energy, this energy that is penetrating the planet searching to create this new consciousness, this consciousness of joy of hope. It is time you let go of fear there is no space for fear at this moment. Embrace your courage. Embrace the light that you are and let the energy of love from the universe come through. Embrace the wave of change. You are the creator of the new life of the New Earth of the new vibration. For this beautiful planet. I believe we all can do that. With these words of hope, love, and joy. I leave you until next time this is Sonia from Innergy Healing podcast. Be well be joyful. Bye