March 19, 2020

The power of your words. Change your reality.

The power of your words. Change your reality.
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Our words have the power to change our reality. Science is discovering what sages, yogis, and saints have known for centuries. You have the power to change and adjust your body.
With meditation, affirmations, prayers, and focus, we have the ability to change our DNA.
When we get together as one we may change the world. It is time to awaken the power within us.

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Hi my dear friend's this is Sonia, today we're going to change the subject a little bit instead of doing, the meditation. We're going to talk about how our, own words our spoken words can change our DNA. It is always funny to me to see how these scientists are finally seen. Why, how Whatever we, are able to make these changes. It is like they're finding for the first time that we have the power to make changes in the basic building block of our body. All of the sudden, these new studies are coming back and coming to us and probably you have heard about this Russian scientist that has done research explaining that the humans have a supernatural power or there if phenomenon such as clairvoyance, intuitions, remote talks of healing, self -healing affirmations What an unusual concept for science. We can heal our own bodies is practically what they're saying. People have the power to use their mind. We have done that all the time. We are talking about that we the people that have study different modalities, different techniques, of healing and even people that just do meditation, they know exactly what we're talking about here How we're going to see the auras, how we see the auras, what you can see in them, colors of your auras. Why the auras are able to show you if you have a disease. Something has happened to you when you were a child what a magical concept. So it's amazing. And I'm glad that finally they're coming out and seeing and proving Probably this point. They're able to prove that we are able to reprogram ourselves with words, but is not any kind of words. We need to be very careful what we're talking about here frequencies of different kind, we have many different frequencies, frequencies of higher levels and frequencies of very low levels. So it is really good that finally there, coming up with this. So they are understanding now that with affirmation, we are able to change our reality. Welcome to our world, the world of people that are able to use a little bit more of the brain. We have to think that we use only 10% of our brains 10 20%. So imagine if we and maybe even less imagine if we were able to use the full capacity of our brain. What can happen there? Are they understanding now that our brain, our thoughts, can change it. The way we are.  The frequency of the thought of our brains can change the weather, the frequency of our thought and our spoken words can change the reality of our world. So what they're saying is 10% of our DNA. Is being used for building of proteins. So the rest of the DNA is what they call junk. This is not junk, you know. They're discovering, finally, that what is called junk DNA is not junk DNA it is actually responsible for the construction of our body for storage of that and communication. All of a sudden, they have found that these, junk  DNA in there, not only construct words. It followed the rules, like of syntax, where we're creating phrases where is creating a language, so but is the basics of language and and, um, words and phrases with genetic material. So they have compared these, um, junk DNA  to other DNA, and they have discovered that they found and they have funded the alkali ins of our D N A. Follow a regular grammar and do have set of rules just like our language. So human languages did not appear coincidentally. But there are a reflection of our inner and DNA. So these Russian biophysicist s and the molecular biologist have. The two colleagues have also explored the vibration or behavior of the DNA. So they're saying that the living chromosomes function just like solitonic holographic computers. So there are discovering that our brains are these computers, and they're using the DNA, the endogenous DNA, laser radiation. This means that they manage, for example, to moderate certain frequency patterns onto a laser array. And we did influence the DNA frequency and the genetic information itself. They have discovered that, um, the D n a substance in a living tissue not in vitro will always react to language. And it will always react to language, moderate laser rate and even to radio waves. So they're proving that they are reacting to sound and frequency. So they are finally scientifically explained. That with affirmations we are able to change. So they're saying that finally there, explaining that why affirmations and if we train with affirmations, hypnosis, meditation, prayer, meditation. We can change our bodies. It is very normal and entire entirely normal and natural for our d n A. To react to language. But is surprise why? While Western researchers cut single genes from the dean a strengthening certain elsewhere, the Russians I have tried to work on devices that can influence the cellular metabolism through suitable model related radio and light frequencies repairing genetic defects. So we didn't need actually a scientist to tell us that we can transform our body. With light with language with sound. This is why meditation was developed centuries ago. And we know that if we use positive affirmation in our daily life, changes are always coming. They're amazing changes to come into place in our daily life. There probably maybe scientists or biologist or biophysicists have never tried, but they should go into meditation and they should go and try to receive a healing. I guess so. Now what they're doing, They're trying to experiment in animals. They're experimented with frog embryos to salamander embryos to see what they can change. How transmitting these, um, lights. These words can change these animals. What? They should have tried with the asking. They should have asked spiritually teachers air now. Mmm. People that are meditating now are doing heating for ages and ages. And they could have received not only and maybe an explanation, but also an experience Experiencing the flow of the energy. They changed that. The energy, uh, does in the physical body. Maybe if they, as a scientist, could start doing meditations and doing some other, um, trying to do other techniques open their minds and exit, those clothes boxes where they're containing and they're containing their minds and not trying to be more objective. I understand it is science, but we have reached the point where this is not at the time to be in the capsule and look into these things will have a more open mind. We have always known, and, uh, and seeing how animals insects look at the bees, bees are using the sound. Bees are using frequencies so they don't know how to use spoken in words. But they use sounds the frequency of sound, the density and the variation of the sound. It's a language for them, and it's a language for us, too. We know when that depending on the intonation of our voices or the voice of the person you have in front of you if the person is sad or joyful before you, you can understand through the tone of their voices and that's language and that's vibration. And so how? How they cannot know how. They cannot see that even. Ah, ants they do this kind of communication and they can go communicate with each other from far away. So due to our evolution and because we had to regress I guess to being almost so primitive that we could not communicate in such a way, we have forgotten how to do it. How to use a lot of information that is store in our brain has never bean forgotten it is like we have put in on a side and, uh, is just there just in case. If the time comes to be reactivating this information, I guess the time is now and now it's time for us to increase this vibration and activate our consciousness. And these activating our consciousness will activate the consciousness of humanity.  Huh? Think about that. If you are elevating or increasing amplifying your consciousness, your are as well, activating. And I'm pretty fine The consciousness of the person next to you. And this is creating a ripple effect that it will touch everyone because as you change as you activate an increase the vibration of yourself you are also touching others. And these person changes and touches other and this is the amazing way that we can change. And this is why when you smile and you maybe are at the supermarket. And all of a sudden you do an act of kindness for no reason. The person that is behind you has one thing only to pay and you have a full car. So what you do just say please go ahead, observed the change you're producing in this person. You're smailing and you're saying go ahead. He /she was not expecting that. That's a random act of kindness. It cost you nothing and it will change you. And it will change the person that he's receiving the kindness and she will do it too because this is contagious and this is the way we change. This is the way we one of the time change humanity and the same way is when you do healing. Sure, healing is on  You're a healer. No, you are a healer. Each person it human being is a healer. We have just to remember that we have the power. We need to be confident that we can do it. And as we change one of the time, the collective will change. And one day there would be no need of wars. There wouldn't be no need of using harsh words. Ah, act of violence. Three's no need. So let's start creating the change being the change. You are the change. And with that, we are experiencing newborns new Children's that are using their brains in a much higher capacity with the ability to be clairvoyant with the ability to communicate through the distance without using any kind of mechanical machine. No phones. There is no need to use the phone. Use your mind. It will be important in the future because we must, as a race, this human race, we need to finally understand that we're all the same. If I'm looking at your eyes, I'm looking at my reflection. So how I can be mean to you when you are my reflection. So, my dear friends, this time to just let go off the things of the past. His time, too. Be one in a divine consciousness. So let's understand that also that we have these new Children and, ah, let's try to help them because it's difficult for a newborn with their very high vibration being a place like this one where everybody's is trying to survive. For he she herself and, uh, thinking only about monetary things or silliness, because at the end is just silliness. So let's be proactive. Let's try to be kind. Let's try to be, uh, of service. Been of service can me can just be smile. Smile to the person you have in front of you, You're going to buy a cup of coffee, Be kind to the person that is serving you so that those are the little changes that go a long way a long way. And then when a great amount of people understand these and is not anymore about religion is not anymore about dogma, we can pray, we can meditate. We can focus to have the outcome there. We dream we can have the outcome for these Earth to be the best place where we can be. So the concept of us changing our own D n A through our words and vibration is not a dream is a fact. And it is our choice if we would like to get an upgrade into a higher vibration or if you like to stay here in this three dimensional world. So the choice is yours and it is an easy one to do. Believe me, it's easier to be kind and gentle and smile. That'd be always aggressive and have harsh words. It's easier it makes your life much easier. So with these words, I hope you have a wonderful day. I hope You SMile. Remember smiling. It's the best remedy for everything. Love. Smile. Be joyful. Enjoy going outside and looking at the sky. This is what it is is our world is the most beautiful world. It is our choice to make it perfect. Remember, if we are together, we can make the change. And even if we are not together in the same room in the same town, in the same country, our minds, our spirit, are together. I will see you soon. Ah will talk to you soon. I hope you have fun. Enjoy life until the next time. Bye