April 9, 2020

Meditation Hong Sau episode 6

Meditation Hong Sau episode 6
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Meditation is the subtle route to liberation from the materialistic world of our modern life. Using breath and cosmic sound you may enter a world of inner peace and calmness.
Inhaling Prana/life force you are detoxing and purifying; increasing your vitality and well being. 

Dear friends with my podcast I am trying to help somehow during these difficult times.
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my beloved friends. Family of light. I hope you're well and I hope you're strong in your meditation practice. We all have our ups and downs moment during meditation or practicing meditation, I am sure you will be able to maintain your practice. Do not be discouraged. You can do it. Meditation is the only route into the subtle world beyond the illusion off our materialistic world to be liberated from our problems and our stress. It is the only way to find inner peace to find the pulsing in divinity. Within the cosmic truth of our existence, it is time to learn, how to breathe to achieve a deeper relaxation. With each breath, you recreate the story of creation. There are 49 cosmic breaths to achieve this with each inhalation, You take vital life force what the yogis call prana you in hell life force or prana, An exhale carbon dioxide, carbon dioxides and toxins contained in your lungs. Each breath is a breath of life of purification. With each inhalation, you also move some product, some vital force. This is why it is important to learn to breathe, to conserve energy, to achieve calmness and vitality. breath is life Breath, has a sound.  So let's try it to pay attention to your breath in this sound of the breaths. So let's give it a try inhale  And exhale. Inhale deeply exhale fully Have you noticed the sound? You can try it again and pay attention now, inhale and exhale. The sound is Hong Sau You wright, Hong But you pronounce Ung and sau s a U. So so Now that you know this sound, let's try it again And you'll be more aware of the sound So inhale, ung? Exhale Su inhale UNG  excels Su. How do you feel? Okay, now it's time to get ready for our special meditation. We call it the Hung Saw meditation. We are going to feel and experience one of the many cosmic meditations. So, find your special place. The place you have designated for your meditation. Remember, these few minutes are just for you. You're special, light a candle seed comfortable on your chair. In a position you can maintain your spine straight but comfortable feet flat on the floor or in your lotus position. It would be your choice. Feel comfortable Relax. Relax your shoulders. Smile. Take a deep breath, exhale and relax. Feel your body letting go of every tension in how you're safe, exhale, inhale. You are loved, exhale you are totally calm. Your body's relax. See yourself walking in a meadow. The grass is green, the sun is shining in the sky Observed the grass, the birds you can see in the distance A crystal clear lake Walk toward the crystal clear lake at the shore Of this lake You find a log, you may sit on it It is very comfortable. Observe what is around you see the stillness of the lake. We're going to take a deep breath with sound of, ung  exhale sa? Inhale, ung Su let go of the sound Feel your body Feel the vibration of your body, Feel the vibration of the universal sound within, You look around you. What do you see? Immerse yourself in nature, In the stillness of the lake In this stillness off your mind In the stillness of your party Feel the vibration of your heart. Breathe deeply with ung exhale su, Ung, Su, feel the vibration within you. You are in total stillness. It is time to come back. See yourself standing up. Look around. This is a special place where you can come back at any time. It is just a thought away. See yourself walking back toward the point where you start. You're totally relaxed. Feeling your body in the chair. Feel your feet your legs. Your arms, your face, Your smiling face. You are in peace take a deep breath. And when you exhale you're becoming more aware of your space. Your body inhale-exhale. You feel your body. You're in total control of your body inhale. Deeply, exhale fully when you're writing very slowly and gently open your eyes. You have experienced a sound of creation. You have experienced a cosmic sound.  I hope you have enjoyed this medication and I will present to you other sounds. So until we meet again, enjoy it. Have fun