Oct. 2, 2022

Growing pains of Spiritual evolution.

Growing pains of Spiritual evolution.

Do you feel tired and out of balance?
A deep sense of exhaustion for no apparent reason?
These are the growing pains of Spiritual Evolution. You are evolving into a beautiful, new, powerful being of light!
It is essential to know that you are not alone and that you are supported.
As we continue our discussion on growing pains, here are a few tools and advice to help you along the way!

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My dear Friends Family of Light welcome. This is Sonia from Innergy healing podcast. We are still experiencing much confusion and much pain.

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I like to start this podcast today, reminding each one of us that we are beings of light, we are energetic beings. Our vibrations and sensations from outside affect us. If we are energy beings, the energy that is transformed and moved by vibrations that can be of a higher entirely intelligence or higher light or vibration caused by lower light vibration caused by pain discomfort, or emotions caused by an outside event. We are affected by all these events that come maybe from our environment at home the family friend, but at this time, at this time in our lives, these events are coming mainly from other sources from sources outside, of our, reach things we cannot change like in politics in events that are really outside of our reach to make changes. The only thing we can do at this moment is to change our perception and if we cannot change our perception, it is time to do something to change our environment to something that is near us that we have the ability to change. We have been going through now it's years due to COVID. We have gone through a lot of changes not only in changes outside but also in changes inside our bodies. We are feeling and perceiving in our physical body things that we never expected to happen. There is a lot of stress, there is a lot of anxiety due to the uncertainty due to the rapid change in our world. Our world is changing in ways that we were not even thinking our young generation is feeling and seeing them with not much hope. And this podcast today is just to let you know that there is hope. There is so much we ourselves may do to increase the vibration within ourselves to change our physical body in our mental body to receive these new codes of creation because really what is happening right now we are changing. Our physical body is changing to adapt and to be ready to receive these codes. All that is going on in the world today. is affecting everyone and is affecting the human consciousness. It is us; we need to find a way to clear our minds to have our bodies strong to receive these changes. You keep hearing from
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everyone from all sides of the world and from all sides of this spiritual community that we are experiencing pain and a transformation due to the ascension. The world is ascending. Like it or not ready or not our planet is ascending. There is a misconception I said when anybody says that we're ascending the world the earth is ascending that we are moving to a different location. This is not what is happening. The energy, the energetic body, the spiritual body of the Earth is changing to become a different vibration, of different energy. And that's what I am saying. If you do not prepare yourself to be ready for this change. You're going to be suffering a little bit longer than the others. I imagine you feel pains in your body. Maybe you have muscle pains or your bones are in pain. It is because of the transformation you're going through. Our body is changing into a crystalline body our blood contains codes of creation has been proven scientifically that the name of God is contained in our blood. So we are changing. We have the similitude to God. And I'm not talking about religion. Again. This is not about religion, no religion. is involved in this. I'm talking about changing your body because you as a human being have this ability to your Creator if the creator is making changes you're changing. And it's like growing up. Remember when you were a teenager, remember the pains of growing up are exactly the same. Your physical body's changing, instead of growing up into a toddler or being a taller person or changing either know the complexion of your muscles and things like that. You are changing because you are changing into a higher vibrational being your energy is changing and the way you try to help yourself to accommodate this change will make it easier. So maybe you can start with affirmations. Affirmations are a powerful tool that is very simple to use, and they can create this positive change not only in our minds but sometimes due to whatever problem is affecting us. Could be COVID could be the political situation in Europe. I know can be anything and everything. The virus, the vaccination everything has the power to influence our perception. To change the way we feel to change the way we see others. It has changed the way we work, and the way we approach other people. The way we interact so maybe an affirmation or a daily affirmation could be the starting point. To change your physicality to change your mind to change your perception. It is important to understand that we are all in this together.
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Every single person in this world is feeling this in different ways with different strengths. But every single one of us is feeling this change every single one feels this loneliness, this inability to adapt to the new world. So do not worry about this right now. Just worry about being able to make changes little changes at the time, but you need to be the one doing the work. We can give you suggestions. We can give you tools to help but you need to take advantage of this and make it work. If affirmations or prayers or mantras or meditation are something you do not like to do or is not for you. Maybe just a walk in nature. Touching the earth with your hand with your bare feet. With Purpose with the intention of clearing your body of negative energy, clearing your mind of negativity that will help tremendously, and if you cannot go outside for whatever reason. And you cannot walk in nature. Maybe you have a little pot with a plant with a flower, just touch this earth. We are part of Mother Earth we are from this beautiful planet. And she will take care of these energies that are not conducive to a healthy human being. If you like to do affirmations there are many affirmations you can try to do.
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Maybe you can try an affirmation to say that your center and always put yourself I am in the present. I am center. I am center. I am capable of doing the work I need to do today. I am here and now. I am balanced. I am balance. I am healthy. I am healthy. I am happy. I am You are. You are the person. You are the one that has the ability to make it work.
Maybe you can try to do a meditation. Maybe you're walking, and you can do meditation, what is called moving meditation, as long as your intention is to do a meditation, you can use mantras, mantras that will appeal to you. But if it's not in you to use a mantra, just do an affirmation. I am center. I am happy. I am healthy. I have the power to change my reality. And you're walking and you're repeating this mantra or the phrase that you choose for yourself. I am in a positive way. Knowing that you have the power to change from within. You have the love and the strength to make the change. Believe in yourself. I do believe in you as every human being has the power to change from within. So remember my friend, even if we are going through a lot and it seems like it's never-ending. It's never stopping. Remember you have the power. The power is within you. The master is in you. You have the power to change. I am happy, I am healthy. I am center. I have the power to change so until next time, I hope that you may try and remember, do not forget to breathe, breathe deeply. Breathe in the energy from the cosmos, the healing energy the light from the cosmos. Breathe in and purify every cell of your body. Breathing in, energy from the cosmos, from the cosmos, and exhaling all that does not serve you any longer. Remember you have the power. You have it in yourself. So until next time, be well be strong. This is Sonia from Innergy Healing podcast. Bye