March 13, 2020

Do not be in fear.

Do not be in fear.

These are difficult times for all of us as a collective not only of the United State but the world.
Remember fear is your worst enemy, you have the power to transform and create your reality. We are one family, it is only with unity, love, and compassion for each other that we shall prevail. Do not feel alone or abandoned think that each one of us here on earth is with you!
We are one in love and harmony with the earth and the universe.

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my beloved friends. Family of light. This is Sonia. I'm here with you today because we are going through very difficult times. I like to remind you that fear is our worst enemy. When we're in fear, we're not able to think and reason, we create discordance and chaos when we're in fear. Remember that you are a spark of divine light only with love, compassion We shall be free from diseases of any kind. These are times where we must dig deep into our hearts. It is time to shine. Do not let fear be your guide. You have the ability to heal your body. Our emotions have a powerful role in our Els. It is time to remember that our thoughts create our thoughts, may change not only the way we feel emotionally our thoughts change our body our health. Our thought changes our reality. You must be proactive in your well being. Create your reality, remember Remember your power. The power within you as a being of light. Positive thoughts laughter and joy Contribute to putting you in a good, better position to take care of your physical body. Eat healthy drink plenty of water. Plenty of any kind of fluid. Take your vitamins. I am not a doctor. So I cannot give you but the health advice. I am a teacher and practitioner of spirituality and as my beloved teacher, Master Goswami SUnyata  Saraswati used to say Be in your heart. We are in this together, maintain your thoughts in the purity of the light of our creator. It is time to take our responsibility. It is time to be in charge, to collaborate with each other. Not only in this country but with the world it is time to change our old patterns into the new. It is time to enter the consciousness of the one We are one and this is what the virus is teaching us at this moment. He's teaching us that there is no separation, no country, no race, no color, no religion. We are one. And as one we must act helping loving and caring for one another. It is time to change our consciousness into the love and joy of being one and the same. It is time to remember that we have the power of changing. Remember, know that you are well, know that you are loved. You're not alone. No matter the situation you're going through right now, you are not alone. We are together. And as one, we must help each other, in love and light.