April 23, 2020

Crystal Healing Temple Meditation Episode 7

Crystal Healing Temple Meditation Episode 7
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To ease the stress, have a focused mind to be ready for any challenge we need to practice meditation. As you make your body strong with exercise you make your mind and spirit strong with meditation.
Our thoughts create so why not create a perfect world of beauty and well being. 
You have the power to master the way you feel, through meditation you will feel calm, in total control of your emotions at any moment.


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My beloved friends. Family of light. This is Sonia. I'm sure right now your meditation practice has been established. You are dedicating at least twice a week for these meditations, this moment of just for you to enhance,  the ability for you to concentrate and to be focused at this time of the meditation practice you must have establish a  rhythm something that is not, um, interrupt in the sense that you're doing at least twice a week and that you have overcome probably your mind wondering. And if it still happening, it's OK. Do not get to stress about that. I hope you have overcome also the inability to set up some time for you to meditate. So this time, the objective of the meditation is to develop a consistent and diligent practice. Being consistent means that you're setting a schedule you have really in your mind clear. Set up a schedule when you're going to meditate and you're sticking to this. This is very important to get used to the practice Diligence means also engaging with your heart in the practice, and you are really focus in spending some time and planning some time for meditation. the goals at this time are to develop a regular meditation practice and you're going to find also some obstacles, obstacles like resistance, and you're going to be procrastinating.  And you're going to say, OK, I'm to tire. I don't have time to do it. I get to impatient. Um, you know, especially at this time for what is happening right now in the world were impatient. We're finding that were fatigue and bored lack of motivation and instead, actually, that should be a pushing motive to keep you pushing in doing it. You need to develop this kills to create the practice routine, setting specific practice goal, um, generating a strong motivation and cultivating the discipline in the diligence to do it. If you have set up as goal to meditate daily, try never to miss the practice, and it will be ideal to set up also a time since we're staying home due to the to the virus, it will be a good idea to set up a time that when you go back to the normal routine, you know, you can keep up with that. So set up a time set up a  location, uh, set up the ambience where you're going to do it. It is like I said many times, and it is not important to be a very special time. Could be a special place. Sorry. Could be also in your closet. It doesn't matter As long you feel that is a peaceful place, it's clean. And you have some things that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Remember, this is just for you. This is to increase calmness, increase mental focus, mental awareness and to be Relax. You owe it to yourself. The first person that you need to be compassion toward and loving toward is you. Everything starts within you with you. First, we cannot be compassion and loving and caring to others if we're not loving, caring and compassionate to ourselves. So I'm hoping, really that this has already set in place. And if not, we still can do it. We always can do it. You have the power to do it. If you have already accomplish to have set up your meditation time, Um I imagine your meditation are getting a little bit longer. My meditation guided meditations are just for you to start. Uh, later on, we're going to expand and dedicate more time, but you choose how long how much to do it. So if you start and do five minutes, 10 minutes, that's perfectly fine as long as you keep up with it and you do it, so why not start right now? Let's set up the space. Let's set up our place where we're going to have our meditation light a candle, if you will have a cushion or if it is cold, have like a little blanket that you're going to put on either on your legs on your shoulders. If it's too hot to make it a little bit cooler, you need to be comfortable in a pleasant place. Not only your mind need to be at ease and comfortable. Your body needs to feel comfortable and relax. I like to emphasize a little more regarding consistency, consistency in the time at the time when you decide were to do you when to do your meditation. It is important because when you have set up a time that you always do at the same day at the same time of day, it's like you're making an appointment with your mind. You're setting up an appointment, a personal appointment for you, so your mind starts to get ready and prepare to do the meditation when the time of the day approaches, your mind is already set up for that and is like telling you, Let's go to the meditation. Let's go do the meditation. When you do these kind of, ah approach, it's going to be much easier for you to find the time. So that's what I'm saying try now that we are at home we are with more time on our hands to set up a time that is going to be useful when you're back to the regular and normal schedule. So let's start our meditation. We're going to set up our space, find the place you have for you for your meditation. Light the candle. Maybe if you're cold, you will like to have a little blanket. If it is to hot, make your room comfortable and cool. Fresh. Sometimes. Maybe you would like to have some flowers. That will be fine. Let your family and the people that lives with you know, that you are going to. take these few minutes just for you. If you have pets it will depend on the pet. Maybe they will bother you if they move or make noises. Sometimes is not that place in or or they will just distract you from your meditation. Just put them out of the room, close the door and they will be fine. Or maybe they love to do meditation with you. Pets are amazing beans. There are always looking at us in so many ways to help us for our spiritual development, so it will be your choice. So let's get ready. Sit down the chair, comfortable your spine straight, but in a comfortable position. You do not need to feel tire. After a few minutes, everything has to be. Relax. It's time to relax and you have your feet flat on the floor. Or maybe you're being in a lotus pose or you are laying down. That's up to you. Feel your body touching the chair. Let's take a deep breath through the nose inhale . Push your belly out exhale through your open mouth. Take another deep inhalation through the nose. Push your belly out exhale through the mouth. You're leaps is slightly open and you're feeling more. Relax, take another deep breath an exhale. Uh, you are totally Relax your feet are. Relax. Your legs are. Relax your belly is. Relax your toes. ares. Relax your hands. Your arms are totally relaxed. Your face  with the gentle smile is totally relax. Your eyes are slightly closed. You are relax. And as you breath. Normally imagine that all the worries of the day they're like balloons that you're just taking with you everywhere. But we're going to let this balloon stay outside the door. They wouldn't be there for you. If you decide to pick them up again, they will be there for you. You may choose to have them with you or to let them go. See yourself standing in A meadow, a small path goes into the forest. Here is fresh. The sun is shining and  all is calm, it warms your face and you're going to walk into the forest through the small. path And the path has a slightly  inclination going up and you're gently walking. And as you look to your left, observe the trees little bushes of different greens and to your  right. A different tree flowers on the ground. You can hear the birds chirping. Everything is peace, Everything is calm and look  in further and the purse is going up. And as you walk, you observe a very big old tree. It is very familiar. Decide to touch this tree. It is an old friend. Put your hands on he's trunk. The wood of this tree is ancient. He knows who you are. Send your love to this old friend. Send your love from your heart. It is sincere. You really mean that you really love this tree It has been a silent friend, always there. And as you send this love to this old tree you are feeling return his love. It's joy to be reunited with you. You know each other from other times. But now, it's time for you to keep walking. The tree will be there when you come back. It's always there it is an old friend and as. You walk going up. You see, At the end of this path there is an opening. A lot of light is coming through, and at the end of the path you can see a big field of grass. And as you step into these grass, you're observing the different tones of  greens. The smells  the flowers the birds feel the grass beneath your feet and as You look ahead. There is some shimmering like a crystal light. Slowly walk towards this light. As you walk towards this light you're starting to feel a deep sense of calmness. And now you can see this is the reflection of a Crystal Palace. a Crystal Temple. A place you know very well. It is magnificent. The walls are transparent. Crystal  clear. The  sun is reflecting Myriads of colors. You have been here before. There are a few steps to go toward the door. There is a big opening before reaching the front door and as you goYou could see people that is so happy to see you. This are friends. You know them they know you. Feel the  unconditional love  coming from each one of them They're so happy to see you. You are so happy to see them and one of them is taking  you with the hand asking you to join. This is a healing temple. The doors are open and both of you are walking inside this temple of rare beauty. You can see the colors oranges, yellow, gold The colors are liquid and they vibrate. They have a sound. And just for a moment they said, Listen to the sound of the colors And now look at yourself. What is happening? Your body is reacting to the colors to the song, and your friend is taking you to a different room. There is a crystal bed in the center of the room you're invited to lay on the crystal  bed to receive healing.  feel totally safe. Feel the love of all the beings around feel all the insecurities within your body. evaporating they're non existant  . And now you can hear music. The music of the colors, the reds, the yellow orange green blue the electric blue the violet the gold. And this liquid colors are just touching your body. It is a loving touch. It is a healing touch. It is a healing song, the vibration of the sound. is healing your body exactly, there, where you have that pain. Whether you have that worry the sound and the colors are creating a wave of healing, feel it. Let it be. Let the color here, in your body in your mind.  Your body is being transformed into music. Let the music. Heal your body. Observe what color is working within you. Listen, listen to the sound of your heart. Listen to the sound of your blood They're vibrating with a healing colors You are like a crystal Your body's becoming light gold Light blue light love in there you are a rainbow a transparent liquid  light  You are in perfect harmony your whole being He's singing with the sound of the universe you know absorbed the healing You are perfect There is no pain, No worries You're one with the light of your Creator And now you feel the gentle touch on your head Of a  Master, hear what he she has to say It is a message for you, my beloved friend  we love you. We are with you always and you know it is true. You're never alone You're deeply loved. Thank you.  And now with this feeling of love it's time to leave this temple See yourself lifting up from this crystal bed  Your friend is still there waiting for you. Happy to see you rejuvenated in  harmony he is taking  you to the open gate of the temple look around and observed this temple from the door You know this is your special place just for you The healing temple and all the other friends are gather at the door to say goodbye. Knowing that is only momentarily You may come back at any time It is your sacred space and you say goodbye Your heart is full of love and joy Stepping down from the crystal temple into the grassy field Feel the grass beneath your feet And if you look at the colors of the flowers and the trees around you you can see how different they are Now you have change your perception And you're back into  the path In the forest Walking gently down the path Looking around the trees and bushes The flowers The birds are still chirping And your old friend the tree is still there Waiting for you to say goodbye till the next time  And you touch the wood of this trunk So old and gentle It's loving And you let it know that you love him  deeply and feel It's love in return And now it's time to keep coming back And now you're out of the forest Back where you have started the sun is coming down to the horizon and you're back in your special room on your chair in your room, you feel what is around you the familiar sounds, your feet touching the floor, your legs your abdomen your torso. So feel your hands your arms, your face  still smiling and your eyes slightly close. You're back in your chair, back in your room and now it's time to be back and you're going to take a deep breath. and exhale, take another deep breath. And  exhale, uh, and you are more aware where you are, where you sitting, you feel your body against the chair, you feel your skin, your face and let's take another deep breath And now you're back fully aware of where you are knowing that you can come back to your special place at any time is just a thought away and now, only when you're ready. Very, very gentle, very slowly you're going to open your eyes. So you are aware of where you are. I hope you have enjoyed this medication. It will be here for you any time you want to listen to it again. If you have like this meditation, please subscribe. Let me know. Get in touch with me. You can go to my webpage. Energy healing arts. com or just register. To the podcast. apple podcast . Anyone that you like be safe. Be well until we meet again. Goodbye.